We at ATA are progressive, dynamic and financially sound company. The quality of our performance rests on the firm foundation of strong and committed staff, providing valuable experience and responsiveness to our customers. We are constantly improving and upgrading our production technologies and educating our staff to do their very best to fulfill any customer’s demand and be the true winner in the manufacturing industry.

ATA believes in mutual benefits of a long term partnership. As a contract manufacturer of choice; we offer competitive pricing, exceptional quality, efficient turnaround time, and on-time delivery. ATA takes pride in our excellent customer service 5 with-up-to-the-minute job tracking and following-up procedures. Commitment to quality is evident in every process at ATA.

Our mission is to sustain leadership in the industry while always providing customers with products and services of the highest quality attainable. With its steadfast commitment and pride to manufacture products for its customers with quality, excellence and finish, ATA is always doing the needful in sourcing the latest technologies, state-of-the art equipment and techniques available to keep abreast and succeed in the New Economy Platform.

What does all this mean to our customers? It means ATA can mobilise a competent, knowledgeable team to provide better customer satisfaction. Our customers' success is just as important to us as it is to them. At ATA we believe that customers' success is ultimately ours as well. This is what we mean by significant value added.

We believe our core values will steer us to the best path for achieving our desired goals, both individually and as a team.