Contract Manufacturer

As a contract manufacturer (CM), we are providing services for a complete product life cycle from product development, raw material analysis and sourcing, manufacturing parts, assembly processes, quality assurance and logistic arrangement to deliver the finished product to the designated locations for our customers.

We have the resources to take your product from sketch to scale. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are instrumental in helping us conceptualize, prototyping and manufacturing high-quality products across industries without delay. With our capabilities in manufacturing; be it in high-volume products or in high-mix-low volume products of the highest complexity, together with investments in state-of-the-art process and product technology, sets us apart in the CM arena. Our quality assurance system, which flags anomalies and shares critical information across the operations, along with our adherence to Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles, help ensure product quality and streamline production.

Our seamless manufacturing system is providing real-time infrastructure interfaces with customers and suppliers from the NPI stage to the production ramp, promising product quality and cost efficiencies.

With a vast supplier network, we have the scale to efficiently source on high-quality components at competitive prices. We also provide a full spectrum of high value-added, integrated turnkey manufacturing services supported by wide range of related activities including Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), New Product Introduction (NPI) Management Expertise, Strategic Commodity and Supplier Cluster Management, and On-site Program Management.