Mould Design & Fabrication

Mould design and fabrication is an intricate work of art that’s only made possible with the co-ordination of planning, design, technical knowledge and experience.
In mould designing, our design team work closely with the clients in determining the actual dimensions and details. Our organisational method ensures that approval by the client is sought at each crucial juncture of the process.

From the customer’s requirements and drawings, our design team go into the planning and design output stage where the final drawings will be approved by our clients.
A 3D generated model will be used as a reference for the mould fabrication and upon completion and after inspection, it will be delivered to our clients.

Our tooling fabrication from cosmetic part to internal mechanical part comes with a tolerance as low as 0.03mm, and we have the ability to produce and manage up to 1000 quality moulds yearly.