Quality Assurance
Utilising the latest in precision tools and machinery, we consistently ensure that all our products conform to the most stringent standards and tolerances. This has enabled us to constantly maintain the status that has been pre-determined by our clients.

Some of the special measurement tools that we use include:
1.) CMM & Smart Scope Machine
     • For precise measurements on the products

2) Spectra Light Box
     • Used for paint or colour verification on different light zones.
        a. Daylight (D75, D65, or D50),
        b. Horizon light (early morning sunrise/afternoon/ sunset simulation)
        c. Illuminant “A” (incandescent home lighting)
        d. Custom Fluorescent (CWF)
        e. Ultraviolet (UV-used in conjunction with other source)

3) XRF Machine – X-Ray machine
        a. For analyzing product materials & composition
        b. To detect elements in any object or parts based on non-destructive and non-contact
            fluorescent X-Ray analysis.
        c. Able to analyze solid liquid and powder sample.