Sub Assembly & Inspection

“Planning a product assembly requires that we determine the order in which the product subparts are to be assembled”. ATA has the resources, versatile labor and distribution network to meet any of your product requirements. All Sub-Assembly parts are present in the form of one connected-together part and are shaped in accordance with the predetermined contour of the product element. Sub-Assembly was created to provide a value added resource for customers that recognize the advantages of the focusing on the core competencies and outsources those elements that will minimize their acquisition costs.

ATA has invested in the facilities, tooling, personnel and the quality processes to handle your Sub-Assembly needs.

Here at ATA we have extensive experience of tooling up and preparing production areas for Sub-Assembly and Final-Assembly of customer products. Our in house Production Engineering teams of highly skilled engineers are engaged in the development of equipment to improve productivity and implement new products. ATA will give you the customer quality products produced in an efficient, cost effective process. Quality and inspection is vital in our process.