Motorlight | CSYS™ Task Lights | Cu-Beam™ Up-Light

CSYS™ task lights
CSYS™ task lights use Heat pipe technology to direct heat away from their LEDs. Operating at 131°F, they don’t lose quality or efficiency for 154,000 hours***.

Cu-Beam™ up-light
Cu-Beam™ suspended lights provide powerful light, precisely where you need it. Heat pipe technology creates a highly effective cooling system, meaning each light can use a single high-power, high-efficiency chip on board LED. This single light source, combined with a custom-designed PMMA lens, delivers optically efficient, precisely controlled illumination

Motorlight, also a world renowned brand, is the first variable angle up light that is able to vary light angles to suit different environments and needs - from ambient light through to spotlighting.

ATA is the only Malaysian company to run full assembly lines for all models of Motorlight. Motorlight has set a very demanding quality standard for all its finished products as it is marketed as an exclusive designer brand.

ATA has specifically set up an exclusive assembly line staffed with experienced personnel to ensure that assembly standards are maintained.