WHY Johor

Johor is the southern gateway to Peninsular Malaysia, and is only six to eight hours flight radius from Asia's burgeoning growth centers such as Bangalore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo. It is also within the reach of a global market of some 800 million people.

South Johor, known as the Iskandar Development Region, is the country’s second largest metropolitan area, with an estimated population of 1,805,0000 in 2013. Iskandar Malaysia is set to become Southern Peninsular Malaysia’s most developed region where living, entertainment, environment and business seamlessly converge within a bustling metropolis. Since its launch in 2006, the region has progressed rapidly and risen to gain attention, drawing in large numbers of investments from both domestic and international investors.

South Johor is accessible via air, land, rail and sea. The available Senai International Airport provides easy access by air travel. By road, Kuala Lumpur is just a three-hour drive while Singapore's Changi International Airport is a 55 minutes drive. Rail travel is also available. Johor is flanked by three major ports, the Pasir Gudang Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Tanjung Langsat Port. Additionally, the Singapore Port is also an alternative should there be any specific need.

Strategic Regional Location
In the regional perspective, the positive development of Johor can be seen through air and sea linkages within Asia-Pacific countries and Malaysia's membership to the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle (IMS-GT).

Concentrating on economic relations between Johor and Singapore and between Singapore and Riau, especially Batam, the IMS-GT has great advantages as it is next to Singapore. Indonesia, especially Batam, is becoming Southeast Asia's fastest growing offshore manufacturing center thanks to its 750 multinational manufacturing companies that are represented in 20 industrial estates. They employ nearly 200,000 Indonesians, more than 3,200 foreign workers from around the globe. With two direct road links to Singapore and sea links to Batam, Johor is in an excellent position to take advantage of the IMS-GT, which allows for international cooperation, human mobility and tourism.

Strategic Advantages
Located at the crossroads of the East-West trade routes.

Mid-way between rapidly growing Chinese and Indian Markets
Accessible by Air, Land or Sea from the rest of Asia
Supported by world-class ports of Tanjung Pelepas Port, Pasir Gudang Port and Singapore Port servicing the world; 2 causeways and railway link into Singapore
Almost 3 times the size of Singapore, with vast land banks primed with ready transportation and telecommunications infrastructure
Enjoys the same standards of living at a much lower cost of living than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan or Korea
Populated with a multi-lingual, educated workforce from within Johor and the rest of Malaysia